Woodshop Production Worker

We manufacture beehive equipment for the beekeeping industry, both for the local commercial beekeepers and for commercial beekeepers nationwide. We are family owned and operated with opportunity for advancement, located in Red Bluff, Ca.


  • Full-time (40 hours a week). 10hr shifts, Tuesday through Friday (three day weekends!)
  • Starting wage is based on experience. Production bonuses available.
  • 90 days probationary period from time of hire before employment becomes permanent. At will employment.
  • Pay raises are based on increased experience.
  • Higher payed positions are available for people with considerable experience and who prove during the training period to be exceptionally productive, independent and dependable.

Specific Duties:

  • Production, assembly and painting of wooden hive parts using cutting/milling machinery, saws and other power tools.
  • Sorting and packaging product, including loading product on delivery vehicles or helping customer with pickup orders.
  • Receiving, unloading of incoming materials and lumber.
  • Cleaning and regular maintenance of tools, machinery and facilities.
  • Other tasks related to production of hive equipment and business operations as directed.

Job Requirements:

  1. Safety is EVERYONE’s responsibility. This position requires careful attention to sharp blades, running motors and vehicles, heavy loads and moving objects. High situational awareness, especially with power tools, is an absolute requirement.
  2. The Production worker MUST be able to pay close attention to detail while keeping up a high production pace.
  3. This position involves near constant physical exertion. Ability to perform heavy and repetitive tasks in heat, cold or other harsh conditions is required.
  4. Woodworking/machine operating experience preferred.
  5. Experience in a production environment preferred.
  6. Hands on mechanical/machine experience highly preferred.
  7. Forklift experience preferred.
  8. Must be 18yr or older to apply.

How to Apply:

  • Fill out a Job Application.
  • Email the job application and a resume to paige@bennettapiaries.com. You may also mail your application and resume to 20015 Verner Ct, Red Bluff, CA 96080. Please email with all questions or inquires.