Quality Hive Equipment for the commercial beekeeper. Leading the industry in durability and strength, Bennett Apiaries, Inc. is please to offer an inset frame rest which produces a full top joint. We have taken the weakest part of the hive box and improved it! Along with deep boxes (9 5/8in) and medium boxes (6 5/8in) we also offer: covers, bottom boards, pallets, wood frames, nucs, and specialize in custom orders.

  • Bottoms

    Bottoms (2)

    4 Way Pallets- U or W Clip, Plywood Bottom Boards, Pine Tongue & Groove Bottom Boards- 8 or 10 Frame Pallets and Bottom Boards

  • Boxes

    Boxes (5)

    Unassembled, Assembled, or Assembled & Painted; Deep or Medium Boxes- 8 or 10 Frame Equipment

  • Covers

    Covers (3)

    Plywood Migratory Lids, Pine Tongue & Groove Lids, Telescoping Lid with Inner Cover - 8 and 10 Frame Lids

  • Frames

    Frames (1)

    Unassembled, Assembled without Foundation, or Assembled with Foundation; Deep and Medium Frames